For Some Players Installing Cuphead Was The Most Challenging Part 

It’s hard to beat a game that you can’t even start.In a season of limited Microsoft exclusives, the indie platformer Cuphead comes at just the right time to offer Xbox One and Windows 10 players something to get excited about. And after seven long years in development, the game has delivered. AdvertisementAt least for the players who were...

The A.V. Club TV show reacts to the Rick And Morty female-writer outrage

In this outtake from The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti—watchable Thursday nights on Fusion—John and writer Samantha Berkman react to the harassment of female Rick And Morty writers by social-media cowards. How does a female TV writer know that she’s made it? When she comes under attack, of course. Here’s how to watch the show.Source link

Geek Trivia: The Precursor To The Bright Yellow On-Screen “First Down” Line In Football Was A Tracker Used In?

Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!Source link

In Saturday Night Live’s season opener, Avatar’s papyrus font keeps Ryan Gosling up at night

James Cameron’s 2009 film had plenty of critics, but one particular point of contention was the film’s use of papyrus font for its logo...

Help Me, Laptop: My Hard Drive is Broken

Credit: Shutterstock Without a working hard drive (or SSD), your laptop is nothing more than a really bulky doorstop. So, if your hard drive fails and you can replace it with a working unit, you can s...Source link

What Goes Into Picking The 101 Video Games Kids Must Play

As a sixth grade teacher, my students ask me a lot of questions, and I have a lot of influence on them based on how I reply. My new book, 101 Video Games to Play Before You Grow Up, is my response to every student who has ever asked, “What games should I try?”Outside of the average classroom...

In FIFA 18 For Switch, Human Flesh Is An Illusion 

It’s sports season, which means sports games, and also lovely sports game glitches. FIFA 18 came out on Friday for every platform under the sun, including the Switch. While players were worried the game would be only a shadow of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions, it’s not all that bad. I’ve been playing a few matches... vs – who went online quietly last night, and with that another aspiring e-commerce platform launched in the region. Noon has got people excited with its supposedly expansive range of products and an ambition to match But what does this mean for the current leading ecommerce platform, that was acquired by a few months back. has certainly...