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Trick5 – 11 Nintendo Switch Accessories That You Must Have – Trick5


Trick5 – 11 Nintendo Switch Accessories That You Must Have – Trick5

Were you among the lucky 15 million people to get your paws on a Nintendo Switch? Congrats!

In the spirit of consumerism, it would be a sin not to pimp it out with the best accessories. Fortunately, we have a finely curated list of the finest accessories to enhance your gaming experience.

When you’re in portable mode, a few tweaks can ensure your 4,310mAh battery lasts for as long as possible. There’s nothing worse than the console battery low notification while farming for ChuChu Jelly in Hyrule.

There are some things to note before rushing to grab a power bank.

First, make sure its capacity is larger than the Switch’s battery. Second, ensure the device comes from a trusted manufacturer. Poorly designed cells can damage your precious Switch. And finally, your power bank must have USB Power Delivery (USB PD).

Our device of choice for this is the number one bestseller on Amazon from RavPower. Boasting 26800mAh of power, you will add another 9 to 11 hours of play time. This power bank satisfies all the requirements and has enough capacity to be used with any other devices you may have.

best nintendo switch accessories

Added benefits include a USB-C port and a handy LED indicator which lets you know how much charge you have. RavPower includes a travel pouch two Micro-USB cables and a USB-C to USB-C cable. Brilliant.

Pro Tip: Charge the power bank via USB-C to get it fully charged in 4.5 hours.

The dock bundled with the Nintendo Switch offers rudimentary functionality. It doesn’t quite justify the price tag that is attached to it. Fortunately, third-party vendors are our saviors.

best nintendo switch accessories

The oxymoronically named FastSnail Type-C Hub can be your secondary dock. At less than half the price, for the same functionality, it makes a compelling argument. The only difference being the dongle has one less USB port, which may not be an issue for you.

If you use a different third-party vendor, pay extra attention to its reviews. Some unofficial docks have bricked the Switch! Mario does not approve!

Purists argue that the Switch should only be used with the Nintendo Joy-Con. In their view, the Joy-Con attached to the tablet screen is the ideal way to experience any game, regardless of how complicated the controls are.

best nintendo switch accessories

However, if you leave your Switch docked for long periods of time, the Pro Controller is one of the best Switch accessories for creating a more comfortable experience. This experience won’t come cheap. However, it can be well worth it for someone looking for a more traditional controller feel.

The Pro Controller won’t be desirable if you’re often on the go. Getting your hands on one will mean that you could just pick up your Switch and leave the house as opposed to having to go through the arduous process of disconnecting the Joy-Cons from the grip and reattaching them to the console.

Another reason you may want to take the plunge is that the Joy-Cons don’t charge in the included charging station. To achieve that you would need to look at the next two items.

best nintendo switch accessories

If you think the Pro Controller should have been included with the Switch, the Joy-Con Charging Grip should have definitely been included. But alas, it isn’t.

If you prefer not to use the charging grip, and or you have more than two Joy-Cons, a charging dock will do.

best nintendo switch accessories

Sporting a weighted base and powered by just a single weighted cable, the PowerA Charging Dock will ensure your Joy-Cons are juiced for your Overcooked marathon. Bonus points for the LED indicators to let you know at a glace that you’re in business!

5. Wireless USB Headphones

In classic Nintendo fashion, the company quietly added support for USB Bluetooth headphones in October 2017. Ensure you’re running version 4.0.0 to take advantage of this.

best nintendo switch accessories

A great pair of headphones that work well with this is, astonishingly, the Sony Playstation Headphones. As soon as you plug them in, your Switch should recognize and start using them immediately. The downsides to these are the price tag and the fact that you cannot use them in portable mode due to the lack of USB-A port on the Switch. There is a workaround for this, however.

If you get your hands on a USB-C to USB-A adapter like the Syntech adapter.

best nintendo switch accessories

You will be able to use your USB headset on the go. This might feel a little counter-intuitive as the switch is meant to be self-contained, but right now there’s only one other option if you’d like wireless audio.

If you’ve already got a great pair of headphones and don’t much care for the Sony Playstation ones, there are options. If you’ve got a pair of wireless headphones that you’re content with, you can give your Switch wireless audio capabilities.

best nintendo switch accessories

The TaoTronics Bluetooth Adapter plugs into the audio out port of the Switch and will pair to up to two Wireless devices simultaneously. This handy gadget uses Bluetooth 4.1 and features aptX which means you will not suffer from any latency issues that other adapters may have.

The TaoTronics device provides up to 10 hours of wireless audio from a single charge. Its versatility means you could use it for any other devices that may not have wireless audio. For example, plug it directly into your TV’s audio out port and wirelessly listen to anything!

best nintendo switch accessories

While it is small enough to take on adventures, you may want to use some velcro stickers to ensure it’s not flapping around. What if you don’t have wireless headphones?

best nintendo switch accessories

The TaoTronics devices work in both transmit or receiver mode. This means you could pair two of them to each other and listen wirelessly, with your wired headphones when your switch docks. If you’re after wireless audio for your switch, these are a must-have!

7. Use All the Controllers!

The Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless Controller Adapter allows a wireless connection between Bluetooth-enabled controllers and your Nintendo Switch. It is also compatible with Xbox One S Controllers, Wii U Pro Controllers, and Playstation DualShock 3/4s. It also provides compatibility with wired gamepads, such as the Xbox 360 controller and Logitech 510.

best nintendo switch accessories .

The Magic-NS also serves as an adapter for those who wish to use their Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on non-Bluetooth enabled PCs. It costs far less than the Pro Controller and will allow the use of controllers you may already own.

Simply hold the sync button until the LED light indicates that you are ready to pair your device, and you’re golden. This might be easier with the use of a pen. The color of the LED light represents three different modes:

  • Blue for PS3/PC (D-Input)
  • Red for Nintendo Switch Mode
  • Green for PC (X-Input)

The latest firmware version even supports motion controls! This will also help for those occasional multi-player sessions which don’t warrant the purchase of additional Nintendo controllers. At such a competitive price, for such a versatile device it’s a no-brainer!

Unless you’re strictly buying cartridges,  a microSD card is a must-have Switch accessory. This is because the Switch has roughly 25GB of internal storage which is going to fill up very quickly. The Legend of Zelda for example is 19GB before any patches or updates!

The Switch supports the following microSD Cards:

  • microSD: 2GB and below
  • microSDHC: High Capacity (4GB to 32GB)
  • microSDXC: Extended Capacity (32GB to 2TB)

The next thing to look for would be the speed. The Switch cannot take advantage of the speed benefits of Ultra High Speed 3 (UHS-III) cards. Getting a card that is a minimum of UHS-I should be what you’re looking for. You could also save some money here!

Last, don’t trust your valuable save game data to an unbranded microSD card from eBay (unless it’s a gift for an enemy). Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s a reliable brand. This 128GB from SanDisk should keep you covered until you sell all your bitcoins for when a 2TB card is released.

best nintendo switch accessories

Some argue that the Switch’s most significant design flaw is its docking mechanism. Having to wiggle the Switch around until it docks causes some plastic-on-plastic action. Adults may perform this maneuver cautiously, but younger gamers may lack that delicacy.

The result is a cratered and scuffed Switch that can trigger your OCD! Thankfully, there are a few third-party accessories that address this. The aptly named dock sock can be bought or made yourself if you have used some of your skill points in sewing.

best nintendo switch accessories

This ensures the front is cushioned while you drag your switch into its docking port. Some users may have issues with scratches on the back, however. And, unfortunately, a skin from dbrand won’t help here as the adhesive used may cause your Nintendo Switch to start shedding! Props to dbrand for their honesty.

best nintendo switch accessories

A solution here is to grab some felt Velcro adhesives and stick them to the inside of the dock. These can be picked up for a ridiculously inexpensive price on eBay and will prevent any unsightly damage to your precious console.

best nintendo switch accessories

For protection on the go, you could pick up a 2-pack of Orzly tempered glass screen protectors.

best nintendo switch accessories

There are cutouts for all the sensors, and it doesn’t affect the touch sensitivity in any way. It’s our screen protector of choice!

Here there are two options for two different use cases. If you’re an absolute minimalist, you’ll love the official Nintendo Switch Case.

best nintendo switch accessories

It comes with a free screen protector and has space for some game cartridges. The case has a built-in kickstand which is incredible if you want to leave in on a surface and use the Joy-Cons separately.

The official case, however, is semi-soft and a very tight fit. This means there’s no place for accessories and still needs to be treated with care. Something a little less space-savvy is the Orzly Hard Shell Case.

best nintendo switch accessories

It is much larger than the official case and as a result, has space for more items. It does offer more space and protection, but it comes at the price of portability and the kickstand.

The Orzly case comes with one minor flaw: the elastic bands would’ve been better with pull tabs. They can be challenging to get your finger under to pry your Switch out. The price difference, however, makes this excellent value for money.

best nintendo switch accessories

Good to note that the RavPower power bank and TaoTronics Bluetooth adapter fit comfortably along with the Switch in the Orzly case!

Whichever type of case your prefer, it’s one of the best Switch accessories you can buy, and we highly recommend it.

11. AmiiBackup

Say you wanted to utilize the NFC powerups that your Amiibo’s provide, but aren’t too fond of carrying your expensive figurines into the filthy outside world. Not to mention, these bad boys aren’t designed to be the most ergonomic for travel. This item might make you raise your eyebrows a little.

best nintendo switch accessories

The N2 Elite NFC Emulator allows you to backup your Amiibo to itself for safe and simple travel. It’s accomplished either by an NFC-enabled Android device along with the accompanying app. If you don’t own an Android device, N2 makes a USB reader/writer for use on a PC, Mac, or Linux machine.

The N2 Elite can store a whopping 200 different characters. Simply press the single button on the device to cycle through each character that’s saved on the device. However, the one thing must be addressed when it comes to this gadget: it’s possible to download Amiibo data for Amiibos that you do not own and save to the device. This isn’t something we condone.

Instead, having the ability to carry 200 Amiibo’s wherever you go makes this device much more practical. You can leave your Amiibo’s where they belong on the shelf and have Wolf Link in your pocket!

Nintendo Switch: A Console for Everyone

Many were skeptical about how the Switch would fit into the ultra-competitive gaming market. The Switch, along with its games library and future announcements like Labo, shows how much potential this little console has.

There may have been some design oversights, but hopefully some of the Switch accessories we’ve mentioned solve these some of these issues. Even with all its “flaws,” the Switch will go down as one of the greats!

Trick5 – 11 Nintendo Switch Accessories That You Must Have – Trick5

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