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Trick5 – 7 Sites With Unique Christmas Gifts That Everyone May Want – Trick5


Trick5 – 7 Sites With Unique Christmas Gifts That Everyone May Want – Trick5

When it’s time to start your Christmas shopping, making a list and checking it twice is part of it. Some people are super easy to buy for and like most anything. But there are others who seem to “have everything,” so coming up with creative gifts for those loved ones can be a struggle.

The best way to find a gift that stands out is by simply browsing for ideas. Unfortunately, many stores have the same items and nothing pops.

For those situations, we have a list of online shops that sell unique products that will help you find the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life.

If you know someone who enjoys retro items, RetroPlanet is the shop you want. The site has Christmas gifts grouped into categories for you so that you can find what you want easily. You can pick from Classic Toys, Gifts for the Diva, Gifts for the Cool Boss, or Christmas Stocking Stuffers. RetroPlanet also has a category dedicated to Unique Christmas Gifts.

Would your finicky friend like a Nerd Cave Fantasy Dragon Door Graphic? Would the family farmer enjoy a Holstein Cow Neon Clock? How about a half-scale replica of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story for your big brother? You can find all of these neat gifts and many other rare items at RetroPlanet.

For a gift that is unusual but useful at the same time, UncommonGoods has a terrific selection. Just click on Gifts from the navigation at the top and then Christmas. You can browse all products or refine your options by men, women, or stocking stuffers.

sites buy unique christmas gifts for everyone

Would your music-loving dad like a pair of Guitar Socks? Would your aunt who’s an author enjoy a Literary Scarf? How about buying an F-Bomb Paperweight for your cursing cousin?

UncommonGoods has something for everyone plus customizable products like a personalized cutting board for the chef in your life and a New York Times custom football book for that sports fan. See what unusually useful gift you can find at UncommonGoods.

With items for adults, kids, and babies, Gifts.com has some awesome products in their Christmas area. You can browse through sections for Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa Gifts, or something for your grandparents. But, if you head to the Unique Christmas Gifts section, you will find something truly out of the ordinary.

sites buy unique christmas gifts for everyone

How about getting your coworker a Desktop Wood Slingshot? Would your best buddy enjoy Personalized Golf Balls the next time he tees off? Or what about getting your mom a blanket that has family photos on it? You can check out these cool presents at Gifts.com.

PerpetualKid is an interesting store with tons of unusual gifts. Did you ever think you would find a shop with categories for those who love mermaids, pink flamingos, bacon, or donuts? If not, then you were wrong because PerpetualKid has them. You can check out the Gift Guide section for these unique categories or browse through toys, gear, home, and new items.

sites buy unique christmas gifts for everyone

Now you can get that Bacon Scented Candle for your uncle, Unicorn Inflatable Horn Headband for your niece, and Atomic Blaster Nose Hair Trimmer for your dad. PerpetualKid isn’t all about silly gifts though. If your mom would like a Panda Bear Plant Pot or your bestie would kill for a Floating Glitter Photo Frame, the site has these nifty products too.

If a simply unique gift just won’t cut it and what you really want is something unusual, weird, or just plain odd, there is no better place to find it than OddityMall. This shop has gifts for men, women, moms, dads, and kids. But, you can also view categories for pranksters, drinkers, and hunters.

sites buy unique christmas gifts for everyone

Have you been searching high and low for a Desktop Punching Bag, a Twerking Santa, or a Car Vent Dipping Sauce Holder? Maybe your nephew would love a Shark Bite Sleeping Bag. Or perhaps your sister would flip for a Giant Gummy Bear Night Light. Pop over to OddityMall and see which strange item will make the perfect present for someone you know.

Another great shop for gifts that no one would expect to get is Prezzybox.com. The site has gifts for all occasions and ages. But, of course, when you want an out-of-the-ordinary item, you have to head to their Unique Gifts section. To get there, just click Unusual Gifts from the Fun Gifts link at the top.

sites buy unique christmas gifts for everyone

Now, you can finally buy that Zombie Survival Manual, Original Stormtrooper Decanter, or 6-Pack Beer Belt. If your daughter would love a Pug Nail Dryer, you’re in luck. If your mom would hug you for a Spider Catcher, you got it. If your horror-fanatic friend could use some Blood Bath Shower Gel, this is where you can get it. Prezzybox.com can help you be the standout gift giver this Christmas.

When it comes to strange and unique gift shopping, Spencer Gifts comes to mind. With both physical and online stores, you will definitely find an uncommon present here. Their Holiday section lets you pick from categories like Ugly Christmas, Holiday Humor, and Gifts That Don’t Suck as well as several others.

sites buy unique christmas gifts for everyone

Who wouldn’t love to get a pair of Pizza Slippers, Five Nights At Freddy’s Travel Mug, or Smiley Poop Face Fleece Blanket this Christmas? You can pick out your ugly Christmas sweater for this year, grab The Walking Dead Monopoly game for family fun, and buy that Santa Butt Coffee Mug for your uncle all in one spot. For wacky gifts any time of the year, but especially for this holiday season, be sure you check out Spencer Gifts online.

Ever Receive an Unusual or Strange Gift?

Now that you know where to find unique gifts and wacky presents for others, how about sharing your own story? Have you ever gotten a present that was just weird? Maybe you thought it was a gag gift, but unfortunately, it wasn’t supposed to be?

Share your silly story with us below, just keep it clean, folks! And from all of us at MakeUseOf, shop safe and happy holidays!

Trick5 – 7 Sites With Unique Christmas Gifts That Everyone May Want – Trick5

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