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Noon.com vs Souq.com – who


Noon.com went online quietly last night, and with that another aspiring e-commerce platform launched in the region. Noon has got people excited with its supposedly expansive range of products and an ambition to match amazon.com. 

But what does this mean for the current leading ecommerce platform Souq.com, that was acquired by amazon.com a few months back. Souq.com has certainly been around a lot longer and has built up an established following of its own. But ultimately consumers will choose between the two based on who’s got the better deal – financially speaking. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite products for a Noon.com versus Souq.com competition in a straightforward price battle. The site with the lower price for each item is put in bold to make it easier to highlight the winner. 

We’ve selected five categories that we’re familiar with and in each category chosen five products that people want to buy.

 Nespresso Pixie C60 Coffee Machine

Nothing beats a good hit of coffee in the morning, so the Nespresso Pixie C60 is a perfect morning wakeup call. Pop in a pod, wait a few seconds, and a glorious espresso awaits you – what more could you ask for?

Noon.com price: AED 825 

Souq.com price: AED 680 

 Kenwood KMC01040 Titanium Chef Kitchen Machine

For food lovers, a good stand mixer is a must-have, and the Kenwood KMC01040 Titanium Chef Kitchen Machine packs plenty of punch. It comes with all the necessary mixing attachments, and its powerful motor makes quick work of whatever you throw at it. Forget mixing by hand – this thing would probably mix concrete too if we tried to…

Noon.com price: AED 2,799

Souq.com price: AED 1,499

 Bosch KSV36VW30G Fridge

It’s a fridge – what more do you need to know about it? Keeps things cool, has a separate compartment to keep produce fresh, and has easily adjustable shelves to make room for larger items.

Noon.com price: AED 4,119

Souq.com price: AED 4,119

Samsung WW80J4260GS Front Loading Washing Machine

Not a fan of doing laundry? Neither are we, which is why the Samsung WW80J4260GS front loading washing machine makes things so much easier. Throw your washing in, punch a few buttons, and the machine works out the rest. It even has error detection that automatically detects system errors and offers solutions via the dedicated smartphone app.

Noon.com price: AED 1,859

Souq.com: AED 1,699

 Dyson V6 ANIMAL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Banish dust in your home with the Dyson V6 ANIMAL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. There’s a reason why Dyson have added ‘animal’ to the product name, and that’s because this thing really can get to dust within minutes. It’s lightweight and cordless, with a continuous runtime of around 20 minutes. 

Noon.com price: AED 1,899

Souq.com price: AED 1,850


When it comes to home appliances, souq.com seems to be the clear winner with pricing. Four out the five products were cheaper on souq.com, three of which by a considerable margin. 

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